Can a white noise machine damage my hearing?

White Noise Machines are one of the best inventions of man, for one sole reason--it helps you sleep better. With all the commotion and noise going around you, you everyday work and life just threatens you with the most agonizing noise. The endless traffic outside murders the peace and quiet in your home, but even so, inside your house you may also have restless kids, loud stereo or TV, noise will just make you crazy!

Before you go crazy yourself, try to think and see what you can do about the noise. You could plug your ears and save yourself from going crazy, every day. Or, you could always try out one of the best inventions of man, the White Noise Machine, with no side effects!

So how does the White Noise Machine work?

The White Noise Machine works from the concept of the white light. White light is a combination of all the colors producing its white color. White Noise Machines on the other hand produce white noise. This “noise” is actually a combination of all the frequencies that are audible to the human ear. It then blocks al the other noises from entering and disturbing the peace and quiet in your home. After it had intercepted and blocked all the other harmful noises, it produces a soothing sound of your own preference and relaxes your nerves, lulling you to sleep. It is most applicable before you sleep and the world is still raging of all the disturbing noises. Block them out of your house by placing this machine in between the source of the sound and your location, such as placing it near a window. Then turn it on and you now have a peaceful place to sleep.

It can not only be used before you sleep, you may use it as much as you want, whether at work, at home or even on vacations and trips.

White noise machines allow you to adjust the sound levels or the volume of the white noise. This ranges from meager sounds of a motor, waterfall, to more natural sounds such as the ocean. So you have the power if you want to increase or decrease the volume. It will not affect or damage your hearing in anyway, given that you will only use the white noise in a soothing level applicable for your hearing.

You now have the power to over come the stressful noises, all with just turning on a White Noise Machine in your own home.