Is White noise from a sleep machine the same as white noise from a laptop?

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If you are reading this, then you most likely know what white noise is all about but let’s pretend like you don’t, shall we? White noise in the simplest term refers to one that is used in the background to drown out and block out other forms of noise as it contains a combination of different sounds in varying frequencies. The thing, however, is that a white noise machine can soothe you and help you sleep soundly even in a boisterous environment.

There are different types of noise; while a laptop produces sound through the use of its fan in a bid to cool the temperature of the laptop down, it can’t be said that the sound it produces is the same as the one asleep white noise machine produces.

Qualities of a good white noise machine

Below are conditions of a sleep machine which differs from a laptop machine about the noise;

  • Adjustable volumes: A sleep machine has one outstanding characteristic, and that is its adjustable volume settings. The sizes are adjusted into different levels so that you can have a sound sleep. There are other benefits you tend to derive. Therefore, if you are making plans to get a personal white noise machine, like a sleep machine, make sure you consider this factor because it is pretty much what you need.
  • Sound options: Unlike the traditional noise machines, white noise sleep machines have features in which one of them is Sound options. This feature allows you to change from one mode to another; there is always the natural, and the ambient mode on an electric white noise machine.
  • Timer: The importance of a timer on your sleep machine cannot be overemphasized. It does most of the work, and this is why it is an important feature. With a timer, you can set a period that you want to listen to sound from the machine. Once, the time has elapsed, it stops producing music.
  • Looping: Sometimes, there is always the need for looping in case you are faced with specific scenarios. What happens is that the white noise machine is covered with sound loops for a great listening experience while you lay down and sleep peacefully.
  • Alarm and Headphone accessibility: Other qualities of an excellent machine for sleep is that it always has a quite beneficial alarm, especially if you are someone who runs late for work. Although, a laptop has this same feature, and they share similar properties. With the aid of a personal white noise machine, you can set the alarm to whatever time you want, and be sure it would wake you up at that exact time. Also, there is the headphone accessibility in case you want to listen to excellent music.
  • Power: What is a device that runs effectively without being triggered by an electrical force. Most sleep machines run on batteries while others run using an electrical outlet, and others make use of USB cords at times. However, whatever you choose, ensure it is the best machine white noise that consumes the right amount of power in which a sleep machine is a fantastic example.

Above are qualities that make up a great sleep machine even with the soothing noise, and why it is different from the white noise from a laptop. The former produces good sound suitable for sleep and comes with advanced features while the latter produces noise from its somewhat uncomfortable fan. Consider all these qualities and characteristics before you get a white noise machine for sleeping, and you will enjoy a great sleeping experience.


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